After school and during weekends or holidays, Baobuyu Learning Center transforms into a Community Center where we hold FREE workshops and groups.

Our clubs including Girl Power, Art Club and Book Worms all meet at the Center on a weekly basis for a wide range of activities. We also offer various skills training and education sessions for the wider community.

We believe in the importance of education and learning of transferable skills being open to all the community members, so that everyone has an opportunity to grow. The opportunities for the activities and courses offered at Baobuyu to grow is endless, and will transform as our community continues to change.

How can we offer these courses and groups free of charge?

Our school fees help fund some of the regular maintenance costs for the operation of the school, but the Community Center runs entirely on donations.

We are so grateful to our generous supporters who make these courses possible – but we need your help to continue to run our Community Center and help improve the lives of people in our community. For more information on how you can make a difference, click here.

“The center is very beneficial to the community, especially the afternoon programmes such as the Women’s Group and Girl Power.”

Teacher Sharon