In addition to our regularly meeting groups, Baobuyu Learning Center also hosts various workshops open to the community throughout the year. We are responsive to the specific needs of the community and tailor workshops to what there is demand or need for.

Examples of past workshops we have held include:

Health Workshops

Besides HIV/AIDS; tuberculosis, malaria, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, mental health issues, malnutrition and overall poor nutrition are Zambia’s biggest health challenges. Education surrounding health is often poor and punctuated with myths and incorrect information.

We provide workshops educating participants about healthy eating – especially cutting down on sugar, salt and oils; recognising the symptoms of diseases such as TB and malaria; cervical and breast cancer; and first aid courses.

Skills Training

Due to the immense poverty many of the community face, it is important to provide community members with the chance to learn new skills that may bring opportunities for employment or income generation.

In conjunction with volunteer teachers, Baobuyu has hosted practical skills training with workshops in woodcarving, gardening, bicycle repairs and maintenance, cooking classes, budgeting and finance, and entrepreneurship.

First Aid Courses

First aid is not widely taught in Zambia, but a basic knowledge and skill set can make a world of difference in emergency situations. We have a first aid course and materials that can be used to teach groups the basics of first aid responses.

When we have skilled healthcare workers visiting us, we can up the ante with these workshops and provide a more in-depth take on first aid issues.

Our Girl Power group completed their first aid course with volunteer Elizabeth.