“Sometimes learning takes us to new places, the kind of places that exist in our dreams”

The most important objective at Baobuyu Learning Centre is that there is constant learning and input from the community.  It is crucial that education and transferable skills are open to all, in order to empower the whole community and get families talking about important issues. Hence, we provide as much FREE EDUCATION as possible to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY.

Weekdays we provide early childhood development and pre-school learning, with weekends and holidays used for community programs and workshops for the local people, on social issues such as girls empowerment, health talks and skills training.

Currently Baobuyu Learning Centre offers:

Early childhood development / Preschool to 2.5 years to 6 years of age
Girl Power for young girls 12-18 years of age
Hazhimah Vision (Vision for the Woman) – a Women’s Empowerment Group
Community workshops such as HIV education, wood carving, …

Our future plan is to introduce:

  • Adult Literacy classes
  • Computer Literacy
  • Healthcare ad HIV education
  • Book Clubs
  • Environmental Studies, and
  • Sports Clubs.

The opportunities are endless and will transform as the community grows.

The Community Learning Centre is completely free! How is this achieved?  Our school fees helps fund some of the regular maintenance costs for the operation of the school, but the community centre runs entirely on donations. This is where we need your help, whether it’s help through donations, fundraisers or volunteering, any help that can be provided, no matter how big or small, could really change the lives of one community. For more information on how you can make a difference visit.