We are lucky to have the opportunity to work together on projects with a number of organisations in Livingstone!

Conservation and Tourism Society (CATS) – 2018 to 2019

CATS is a community-led organisation based in Livingstone dedicated to preserving our environment. They provide educational workshops in a range of settings – from schools to lodges and restaurants – about why our environment is so important and how we can minimise our impact on it.

We began our partnership with CATS in 2018, with regular sessions held for both our preschool students and Girl Power group.

Maramba Old People’s Home (MOPH)

We think it is important that our kids are involved in their community, across all generations. At the end of 2018, we took our kids on a school trip to the Maramba Old People’s Home, where we spent the day singing, dancing and entertaining its residents! We were busy the week beforehand preparing cards, wall pictures and bracelets to give as gifts to our new friends.

We are looking forward to continuing to visit MOPH and building on this relationship further!