There are so many ways you can help support Baobuyu Learning Center and Mwandi compound!

Collect trash!

A small group led by Tammy’s mom collect bottles and cans from the side of the road to take to the recycling plant. They earn 5 cents per bottle and 10 cents per can – and all of the money they earn from helping clean up their environment is donated to Baobuyu. It’s a win-win for our school and the planet!

Ask for donations in lieu of gifts!

Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduations and special occasions can also be opportunities to fundraise for us. In the past, we’ve had people ask for donations to Baobuyu in lieu of receiving birthday or anniversary presents. It has often been enough to sponsor a child to attend school for the year, or to fund a project at the school! It’s amazing how generous people are willing to be for such a good cause.

Host your own fundraising event!

Perhaps you might like to hold a fundraiser for your family, friends or community. Think big or think small – and know that any money you are able to raise makes a huge difference to our school and community. Some ideas are hosting pub quiz nights, movie nights, market days, dinner parties, auctions, car washes, second hand book sales and sponsored marathons or runs!