Olivia – On The Ground Intern

Olivia joined our team on the ground in October 2022 from Charleston, South Carolina. She has just finished studying her Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Advertising at Flagler College. Olivia will be working with us for the next three months on our Women Empowerment and Communications Internship. Her primary aim is to understand all the different aspects and components that are involved in running a non-profit organisation.

Olivia is looking forward to getting to know all the students, and to have the opportunity to work closely with both the women’s sewing circle and Girl Power in the afternoons. In her free time, she hopes to explore all that Livingstone has to offer, including Victoria Falls, the local markets and the variety of restaurants in town.

Katie – Remote & On The Ground Intern

Katie joined our team in July of 2021 and completed a hybrid internship with both remote and on-the-ground components for six months! Katie is from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology at Northeastern University. She brings nearly 7 years of experience mentoring, teaching, and working with people of all ages. Katie has a passion for working with people, learning about underrepresented populations, and experiencing different cultures. 

During her time in 2021, Katie collaborated with other interns to create two books for the women and girl empowerment programs and led fantastic workshops for the teachers and other clubs. She has a passion for working with different communities around the world and learning about Zambian culture and history. We are so lucky to have Katie join us again for 2.5 months from May through July 2022! During her time back at Baobuyu she hopes to collaborate with the teachers to create fun and sustainable lesson plans and work with the girl and women empowerment programs to support their needs and continue to learn as much as she can! In her free time, Katie hopes to continue using her time in Zambia to experience safaris, rafting, hiking, and all Africa has to offer.

Dennis – On The Ground Intern

Dennis is joining us from Potomac, Maryland, USA for a two-month Writing and Communications internship. Dennis is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Communication at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He has a passion for writing and has been a member of various journalism clubs and organizations for the past seven years. He hopes to one day work as a freelance journalist experiencing different cultures throughout the globe.

Dennis is looking to work closely with Tammy in developing an online presence through weekly newsletters and social media updates. While here, he also hopes to become involved with teaching at Baobuyu, both creating and presenting lessons/workshops. Dennis is excited to travel around Zambia hiking and experiencing wildlife during his stay – especially elephants.

Anaïs – Remote Intern

Anaïs joined the Baobuyu team in March 2021 and she was with us until October 2021 as our first remote intern from the UK! Currently, she is on a gap year before studying English and French at the University of Oxford. Looking to the future, she hopes to pursue a career in human rights, with a focus on female empowerment and access to education.

She worked with the ‘Girl Power’ group from afar to organize an ‘Evening of Voice’ in the UK, a project that seeks both to raise the girls’ voices, whilst sharing their stories, traditions, and hopes. She has also created various resources, such as a ‘Basic First Aid’ booklet and a ‘Puberty Guide’.

Anaïs very much hopes to visit Baobuyu in person one day.

Shelby – Remote & On The Ground Intern

Shelby joined us from St. Louis, Missouri via a hybrid internship with both remote and on the ground experiences. Shelby is currently studying at the University of Southern California to get her masters in Public Administration. She has a passion for working with people and experiencing different cultures. She especially enjoys learning about nonprofit management, organizational leadership, and education policy. Shelby hopes to have her own nonprofit someday. 

After working with children and school administrators in China, Central America, and her hometown of St. Louis, Shelby was eager for the opportunity to come to Baobuyu. While here, she created and facilitated teacher workshops, as well as lessons and activities for our students and female empowerment programs. Shelby adored the safaris, rafting and hiking trips, and all Africa has to offer with her new friends at Baobuyu.

Megan – On The Ground Intern

Megan was our first on-the-ground intern and came from Fort Collins, Colorado to spend two months with us! Currently, she is studying human development with a dream of one day getting a master’s, a counseling license, and eventually running a sustainable farm with horticultural therapy, yoga, and educational programs. She also spent two years in West Virginia studying horticulture before taking a break from school to travel, volunteer, study yoga and sustainable agriculture. While traveling in India, she acquired 500 hours of yoga teacher training in the Himalayas and in southern India. She has also volunteered on various sustainable farms and took a month-long course in Ecuador to further her knowledge and understanding of the topic. 

Megan focused on improving and expanding our garden with organic strategies, composting, and adding more variety. She also facilitated workshops for our Girl Power and women’s empowerment groups. She was especially excited about bringing yoga to the various girl groups, the wildlife, and going rafting in the Zambezi river during her stay!

Steph – On The Ground Intern & Project Coordinator

Steph first came to volunteer with Baobuyu in 2018 where she provided one-on-one help to students who needed extra attention. She soon captured all of our hearts with her endless patience and love for the children, and quickly became a huge part of our Baobuyu family!

At the end of 2018, Steph returned to Zambia for nine months to volunteer full time with our school. She was involved with all aspects of Baobuyu, from overseeing our website and creative content, social media, finances, planning, and leading our Girl Power group. To say that we were happy to have her with us is an understatement!