Head Teacher

Teacher Sharon joined us as a volunteer Teacher’s Assistant a few months after we had opened the school in 2016. In 2018, a generous sponsorship allowed her to complete the first part of a ECE certificate while working part-time at the school. In 2019, Sharon joined us full-time as teacher for the middle class, as well as take on the title of Head Teacher!

Throughout the day you can find Sharon preparing homework, watching the kids at break times, and preparing fun activities for the kids. She is responsible for our music class where she might teach the Zambian National Anthem, make musical instruments with the kids, or host traditional dance lessons.

Sharon is also in charge of our PE and Motor Development class where she takes our kids outside with the bouncy balls, organises parachute play, musical chairs, playing with the footballs or having races. Sharon works extremely hard on creating fun, unique, and visual lessons for her kids. They absolutely love her!!

Baobuyu has become part of my life and I now cannot do without this place. My heart is always at the school with the kids.”