Teacher Tammy was born, bred and raised as a Canadian, but Africa has always been in her heart. Her feet first touched African soil in 2009, and her life changed direction the very same day. After a year of volunteer work, she came home and took one year to decide what she wanted to do. When not a day went by that she didn’t long to go back, Tammy sold her house and possessions in 2011, and backpack in tow, came to the place she now calls home.

Over the past 11 years, Tammy has volunteered across Africa with everything from orphaned and injured African wildlife, to teaching HIV education in prison, to working with Bushmen in Botswana. She has seen and done a lot, and treasured every opportunity and minute she has been in Africa.

With all of these amazing experiences, Tammy’s greatest dream was to work with an entire community, from the very young to the very old – and the idea of Baobuyu Learning Center was born. Her dream having been realised, Tammy runs the school and teaches our senior class!