Sponsor a Child and Recycling Program coordinator

Memory has always been a huge part of our school, and officially joined the Baobuyu team in 2018. She has been instrumental in helping manage our Sponsor a Child program, as well as contributing to our Girl Power and women’s groups. When Baobuyu became home to Mwandi’s first recycling center, Memory took on the huge responsibility of coordinating the ongoing operations of this project. She also teaches Nyanja, one of the local languages, to Tammy and Steph!

Memory works hard at advertising our school and its activities to the wider Mwandi community. She also assists with our fundraising efforts and helps maintain our gardens and the school grounds. Memory’s daughter Lydia has been sponsored to attend our school since mid 2016. We love having both Memory and Lydia as part of the Baobuyu team!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, a billion times for this opportunity to be part of Baobuyu Learning Center. The improvements made by my child at the school has made me become more committed than ever to work hard for the school.