Recycling Club

Every second Wednesday afternoon in conjunction with KUBUKA, another NGO, and our Girl Power group, Baobuyu hosts a recycling program.

We learn about our environment, where waste goes and things we can do to help clean up our planet. Litter is picked up from around the school and collected from our recycling center for mass eco-bricking. (please note that this project has been put on hold during covid)

The club is a great opportunity for our older kids to take part in efforts to conserve our environment, and also a chance for them to socialise with other kids in the community and make new friends – proving that recycling and helping the planet can be a lot of fun!

Chess Club

Our Chess club was established in 2018 at the request of local community members. A small but passionate group of people meet at Baobuyu once a week to learn how to play chess and have tournaments. We’re looking forward to seeing this group thrive and expand in the years to come!