Health & Wellness Club

We no longer run our Women’s Club but we have replaced it with our health and wellness initiative. The club serves as a reminder that we need to take care of ourselves: physically, mentally and spiritually. It covers a wide range of topics from cooking classes, healthy eating, first aid, art projects, yoga classes and so much more.

We welcome anyone aged 18 and above. We are very excited about all the possibilities that this club holds.

Little Explorers Club

Little Explorers is a kids club that encompasses everything about being curious, kind, and brave. Little Explorers club provides a safe place for young children ages 8-12 within the Mwandi Community. It seeks to empower all children to embrace new challenges and to have fun!

We do all types of activities, from art, to dance, to science, to reading. We hope that all our little explorers will continue to practice the lessons and activities they learn with us and inspire their friends to continue being curious, kind, and brave.

Drafts Club

Every Friday, Teacher Memory spearheads our newest community club for children aged 9 to 14 years old. Drafts is much like checkers.

Teacher Memory started the initiative to keep children active and alert as decision-makers. She also wanted the children to have a sense of community, and for them to ask for guidance, if needed. She wanted to energise the brains of our kids – and that, indeed, she did!

“Draft Club is a club that has life motivation in kids and it brings creativity and good smart thinking, especially in mathematics.” – Memory

Art Club

Art Club was created by Teacher Sitwala because he wanted to share his love of creativity with the community. It is held every Monday and it is open to anyone who is between 8 and 15 years old.

They do everything from painting, cutting, drawing, making birds and making paper beads for necklaces – anything that the imagination can hold!

“I started an Art Club because I want to help kids learn different skills that will help them in school and in the future. I love to interact with the community and it has been my absolute passion to see every kid grow their creativity.” – Teacher Sitwala

Book Worms Club

Headed by Teacher Sharon and Teacher Ozious, our target group is Grade ones and twos. Our goal by the end of the year is for every ‘book worm’ to know the alphabet, phonics, signs, and words that begin with each letter.

We want our kids to fall in love with books and reading. We teach our classes in a very visual way, and we always try to make the experience unique and entertaining!

“I want to help children in our community with their reading and listening skills. Mostly I want them to have a great love for reading and to help them with their future.” – Teacher Sharon

Reading Club

We selected 10 children from the Grade three class of our local community school for additional support with literacy.

Teacher Billy teaches them the alphabet, sounds and high-frequency words. Our goal at the end of the year is for them to read simple books and to develop more confidence in themselves.

“Education and literacy are very important in life and I want to help kids in the compound who need extra lessons. Kids are our future leaders, of which we need to build a proper foundation.” – Teacher Billy

Chess Club

Our Chess Club was established in 2018 by local community member, Brian Chinyma. Brian is a positive role model in the children’s lives. Teaching chess gives them valuable skills, from learning about the value of discipline and commitment to supporting one another. Most importantly, it gives them a sense of belonging.

Our club has certainly grown in the last couple years and Brian now receives support from local chess ‘extraordinaires’. We can’t wait to hold tournaments and friendly competitions with surrounding schools.

“Chess Club gives us the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the kids. It gives us an opportunity to teach structured lessons to the children and it helps children practice decision-making skills which can be applied to their daily lives. It also helps sharpen a child’s intelligence and helps to build self-discipline and confidence.” – Coach Brian

Recycling Club

Every second Wednesday afternoon in conjunction with KUBUKA, another NGO, and our Girl Power group, we host a recycling program.

We learn about our environment, where waste goes and things we can do to help clean our planet. Litter is picked up from around the school and collected from our recycling center for mass eco-bricking.

The club is a great opportunity for our older kids to take part in efforts to conserve our environment, and also a chance for them to socialise and make new friends – proving that recycling and helping the planet can be a lot of fun!

Please note that this project has been put on hold during Covid.