IMG_2170Zambia has one of the poorest education systems in the world. Going to school is not a luxury everyone can afford. Yet, education is the best way to empower our children away from poverty. Through education, we can change our families and communities for the better!

Baobuyu Learning Center has recently started a Sponsor a Child Program for the most vulnerable and orphaned children in our community who really need our help and we can only make this a success with your support!. Eventually we would love to have each child sponsored to take the burden off the parents and encourage children to not miss school.

Our program is very simple. Once we receive the sponsorship fee we will provide the child with everything that they need for the year and we will send you updates on your child’s accomplishments. In addition, we have a Facebook page filled with our daily activities at the school so you can follow us and be assured that your sponsored child is receiving the best possible education as well as a sense of belonging in the community.

Not only will you be supporting a vulnerable child to go to school, you will also be empowering an entire community!!



♥ The cost of the Sponsor a Child Program is $450US per child per year ♥

For $450US a year your sponsorship will not only cover the cost of school fees, but also help with the running costs of the school. A double win situation!! • A Uniform • Books • A Daily Healthy Meal • Teachers • Security • Water • Electricity • Computer Literacy • A huge outdoor play area • And endless learning resources!

Until we develop an easy way to make money transfers by debit or credit card through the website we are currently finding the easiest and cheapest way to send money to Zambia. Western Union seems to be the best option and the fastest we have found so far. So, you will just need to find your closest Western Union (or go on line) and Wire Transfer $450 US over to Livingstone, Zambia. For more information about sponsoring a child please email:

Criteria for each parent/guardian

IMG_2552We are working with a small local committee to identify those children who are in most need of an education and cannot afford to go to school. The children that are part of our program are those who are vulnerable or orphaned or children whose parents or guardians are extremely hard workers who are making a significant impact in the community, and who simply cannot afford to send their children to school. We developed a program that gets, and keeps the parents/guardians very involved in their child’s education and within the school and community center. Here is how it works: For each child who receives sponsorship, we require that the parent or the guardian volunteers for a minimum of 10 hours of community work at the school. The community work could be anything from gardening and cooking, to cleaning or attending workshops and courses that we will offer. We also require that they contribute K100 per year (approx. $10) towards their education. This will ensure that the parents have a vested interest in their child’s education and that they will feel good about contributing towards their child’s future.

Esnart (mamaG’s grandmother)
“I am so happy that Getrude has learnt so much since she came to this school. I am so grateful for her sponsors and let them continue sponsoring her”
Martini (Martin’s father)
“Thank you so much for supporting and sponsoring my child. He is really improving and can now speak english and his behaviour is very good. May God bless you”