Hear firsthand from members of the Baobuyu community – from former students, parents and teachers to our female empowerment groups and sponsors:

“I had a lot of fun at Baobuyu. I learnt how to share with people and I learnt good manners. Our teacher, Teacher Tammy, was great. We always learnt new things. Baobuyu made me happy.”

– Dessy, Pre-School Graduate

“I love Baobuyu because they took good care of me. They taught me to love and care for one another. We did cooking classes and we learnt how to garden. They even took us on safari. Baobuyu made me a smart girl and I learnt common sense.”

– Lydia, Pre-School Graduate

“My name is Gertrude. Baobuyu was very good. We planted gardens, we learnt how to write and we learnt how to share food with our friends. My favourite activities were colouring and using the computers.”

– Gertrude (Mama G), Pre-School Graduate

“My name is Joy and I come to ‘Girl Power’ to learn about myself. Girl Power helps me to learn how to cook, dance, write and draw. Without ‘Girl Power’, I would just be home doing chores.”

– Joy, Member of ‘Girl Power’

“My name is Betty. ‘Girl Power’ is very important to me because it helps me to know who I am. Most importantly, ‘Girl Power’ has taught me that every girl should have a voice. My favourite part about ‘Girl Power’ is that it teaches me about being myself.”

Betty, Member of ‘Girl Power’

“My name is Juliet Miyambo. I am grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be a member of the women’s group. I know words cannot show my heart’s appreciation but can convey at least one way of thinking. When I joined this group I had little knowledge about entrepreneurship but the group has drastically taught me how to come up with a ‘brain-wave’ business plan that allows me to earn a living and put food on the table for my family.”

– Juliet, Member of ‘Vision for Women’

“My name is Esther and I stay in Mwandi. In coming to the women’s club, I thought that we would just be playing. But, as I continued coming, I saw a very big change in myself because I used to depend on my husband for many things. Since Tammy gave us a challenge to make money without capitol, I started to know how to depend on myself. Now, I can go and do some piece work if I need money and not depend on my husband. Thank you so much!”

– Esther, Member of ‘Vision for Women’

“I would really like to thank Baobuyu for the opportunity you have given me and many other women to be a part of the women’s club. Through this club, I have learnt that I can start up any business I choose with a small amount of money and earn a profit as well. Also, I have learnt to work extra hard by doing small part time jobs to raise some money. I will be forever grateful for such a rare opportunity to be a part of the women’s club.”

– Luckness, Member of ‘Vision for Women’

“The sewing circle has changed me to be an independent woman. It taught me to keep time and to uplift other women and I’m so grateful for everything that I’ve learned. Thank you so much to Teacher Tammy who has been so kind to us. You support us and encourage us to be strong and you uplift us to be better for the future.”

– Phares, Member of the ‘Sewing Circle’

“I have enrolled my grandson, Heaven, at Baobuyu because it has an excellent reputation for offering quality education for an excellent foundation and future for children. I’m happy and proud that my grandson is learning at Baobuyu because the children are taught to be independent and mature. They learn to explore and express themselves through computers, art, gardening, cooking and cultural lessons. The teachers prepare the children for a great future ahead of them and for making a difference in their lives. I really appreciate their hard work, commitment, dedication, passion, love and care for the children and for creating an environment that is so fun that it makes them look forward to being at school every day.”

– Betty, Grandparent of Pre-Schooler at Baobuyu